What’s good: Zian, the Bernese Mountain Dog

Zian, the Bernese Mountain Dog

We had a recent additional to the household – Zian, another Bernese Mountain Dog. Zian is about the same size as Sophie, our other Berner. That gives us about 170 pounds of dog in a house that should have about 50 pounds of dog. Zian and I were out in the yard this morning as the first light of the day came streaming across his head. It sure made him smile.

One thought on “What’s good: Zian, the Bernese Mountain Dog”

  1. I saw a Bernese Mountain Dog over the weekend as I walked through town. I stopped and petted him in honor of you.

    Dogs are allowed everywhere here. In restaurants, malls, you name it. You see little dogs, mostly, though. You should bring your 170 pounds of dog here and show ’em how it’s done!