What’s good: A field of sunflowers

A fleld of sunflowers near Flemington, NJ

Another heatwave settled into New Jersey, so I went looking for sunflowers. Several years ago I saw a field of them while riding my bicycle in Hunterdon County, so I went there. The field has corn in it this year but across the street were sunflowers! I thought sunflowers followed the sun across the sky, but all them were pointed away from the sun. Maybe they don’t like heatwaves either.

5 thoughts on “What’s good: A field of sunflowers”

  1. Hey my name is Mark and i actually spent a good 4 or 5 hours yesterday driving all over oblivion looking for a sunflower field in this area. I was hoping you could help me out and tell me where this field is, i was hoping to take a few pictures. Thanks.



  2. Hey i just noticed the google map in the side bar. (result of internet surfing on a phone) Nice pics and thanks for posting locations.

  3. Can you please post/send location info. I don’t see the google map you refer to. I am on home computer not phone.
    Thanks a lot.

  4. Got it! I just scrolled down all the way & there it was. Thanks anyway for the heads up. Are they in FULL bloom now?