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My new adventure: JondoU.com

I’ve taken a new job, I’ll be working for a major photo printing company to lead a new website featuring photography education and news.

It is a rather strange turn of events, I was exhibiting at an art show in Woodstock, VT, this summer and I saw two guys closely examining a frame’s corner. Rather fussy guys, I thought. A little later they were behind my booth looking at photos so I started talking to them. I introduced myself and one guy said “Hi, I’m John Doe.” My first thought was if your buddy is John Smith, I’m out of here. It turns out he really is John Doe, owns one of the largest canvas printing companies in the world, saw my photos from the street as he was driving past and stopped. He prints all the photos on canvas for Costco, has five factories, three in the U.S., one in England and one in Mexico. He invited me to visit his nearby factory in New York state. I went there a few weeks later and was impressed with the quality and let him know.

After several conversations, I made a trip out to his JONDO headquarters in Anaheim, CA. The week before I went he called and asked if I had ever been to Joshua Tree National Park. The night before I was researching it thinking I could take an extra day to go shoot pictures there. He said he knew where to go and we could go there and I’d shoot and he’d watch. So we got lots of talking done and I realized he’d be interested in creating a web site to educate photographers and help make their pictures better.

So we are creating JondoU.com from scratch. We will provide education, inspiration and news about the photo community and workshops around the world. I’m putting together a team based in Somerville, NJ, and we’ll use pro photographers to write and lead workshops. It is an exciting venture that started completely random.

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