A day of waterfalls in Iceland

Today we left the Snaefellsjokull Peninsula to go to the southern end of Iceland along the coast. The south coast looks much different and there are some major waterfalls that we stopped to photograph. 

One of the tallest ones is Seljalandsfoss, but it also has a ton of tourists, who tend to be in the way of great landscape photos. But I was able to use one to show the scale of the falls, which is an impressive sight.

We then went to Skogafoss, which is also filled with tourists. It is a large waterfalls, both in height and width. It is a challenge to shoot without a ton of people but getting in the middle of the river helps. I bring boots that go up to almost my knee and since this is fed by a glacier, not many people wade into the cold water.

One of my favorite locations in Iceland is Kvernufoss waterfalls. It is a beautiful falls but you have to climb over over fence and walk about 1/2 mile to get to it. The hike can get a little rugged in a couple of places and it isn’t well known so there aren’t many people there. Of course, today there was a fashion shoot happening, with video and a real drone, so it we waited until they were done before we got the shots we wanted. I love the way the water flows away from the falls and how green it is in summer. I was here in winter and it had a totally different look, although still beautiful. I really enjoy being in places where I see nothing made by humans and just being out in nature. There isn’t a more wonderful place.

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