Beautiful afternoon for stomping around Acadia

After our early morning shoot during my Acadia Photography Workshop we took a mid day break to grab a nap and get cleaned up. After lunch we headed to the south west side of Mt. Desert Island. One of the most iconic things on the island is a little bridge in Somesville, so we stopped there. There is usually a field of wild lupine flowers growing near the bridge. This year everything is blooming a little later than normal so there weren’t as many lupine as usual but the ones that were there looked great. I tried to isolate one as it was surrounded by yellow wild flowers.

As some of the people were photographing the bridge one noticed something big flying across the street near the cove. It was a bald eagle! I love seeing eagles and during all the time I’ve spent in Acadia it was the first time I’ve seen an eagle. It flew around a little and landed in a tree not too far away. It was quite a thrill.

After photographing the eagle for a while we went farther down the island to our destination of the quaint fishing village of Bernard. It is a cool place and has my favorite lobster pound which is also a great place to make pictures. My plan was to shoot around the harbor and then have dinner at Thurston’s, right there on the water. I grabbed lunch at Thurston’s on Thursday, using my stop as excuse to make sure they were open while having a fresh lobster roll. Well I didn’t see the sign that they are no longer open on Sunday’s since late last summer. As we were walking around I ran into the owner and he said he can’t find enough help to stay open on Sundays and since the fishing fleet doesn’t go out on Sundays it was a good day to give his family a rest. I knew of another good restaurant on the other side of the harbor so we went over there and got our lobster.

We ended our day photographing Bass Harbor Lighthouse. There were a few other photographers there when we got there and they were where I wanted our people to be. I’ve photographed the lighthouse from the rocks below it several times and the best shots are when I used my big flashlight to illuminate the lighthouse and rocks. Since we were a little crowded, I didn’t shoot photos, only helped people with their exposures and did the lighting. When we got there the people already there acted a little miffed that eight photographers showed up but they were pretty happy when they saw how much better I made it look with my light painting. It was a long day but we made lots of great photos.

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