Beaver attacks man trying to take photos


A friendly beaver I photographed in a Vermont pond.


I get amused by stupid people.

There is a report on Sky News about a man in Belaus being attacked by a beaver while trying to take a photo of the large rodent. Wild animals are called wild for a reason and when squares up on your, it is time to retreat.

As you can see in the video, the beaver was minding his own business and got tired of the fisherman turned beaver paparazzi.  A main artery in the guy’s leg was severed by the beaver and he bled to death even though his friends tried to stop the bleeding.

Beaver attacks are rare and according to experts those animals that do go for humans are usually rabid, says Sky News.

However, they are not unheard of.

Earlier this week a video was posted on YouTube showing a man in the Tver region, northwest of Moscow, running away from a beaver who charged at him as he was filming in the area.

Last year in the US two girls were mauled by a beaver in a lake in Virginia as they swam. They suffered serious bite and scratch injuries. A man was also attacked in New York and an elderly woman in Washington.

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