Blue Hour happens twice a day

The "Blue Hour" covers a Maine mountain last weekend.

Twice a day there is a phenomenon that photographers call “Blue Hour.” It happens right before sunrise and right after sunset, and it is the time when everything turns blue.

It doesn’t matter what the weather is, the sky goes blue. It can be a clear day or completely overcast and if you are out shooting, you’re going to get a blue image.

Why is that good to know? Because it can make for dramatic photos, even if you think the light is lousy.

There is even an app for that. http://www.bluehoursite.com is a website dedicated to the blue hour and they have create an app to help calculate the blue hour time.

The blue hour isn’t really an hour, it usually lasts about 30 minutes and happens about 15 minutes before sunrise or after sunset.

So don’t give up on a sunset that isn’t dramatic, wait for the blue hour.

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