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30 Dec 2022

Favorite photos from 2022

I don’t particularly like year-in-review stuff, especially on TV news where they are just filling time with cheap content. But I think it is a good exercise to go back and see what I shot and see what I can learn from it. The older I get the less I shoot and the more I learn. I don’t make as many photos it seems because I tend not to shoot what I’ve shot before, unless I can make a better […]

17 Dec 2022

Who doesn’t love a good snowstorm?

Not much makes me happier than knowing a good snowstorm is coming. It is my favorite time to get out and make some photos. I love what happens during a snowstorm, most people stay inside, so they aren’t in my way. The world is quiet and peaceful, at least on Vermont’s backroads. And my creativity kicks into high gear. We got 15 inches or so in Woodstock, which is a lovely coating. Some higher elevations around us got even more. […]

07 Dec 2022

So long neighbor

When we bought our house in Woodstock, one of the first people to greet us was neighbor Ducky Freeman. Greet may be a bit strong, I think her first goal was to make sure the house wouldn’t be occupied by a bunch of hell raisers or somebody who change the neighborhood. Ducky turned out to be a great friend. Ducky passed away today at age 81. Initially we were part time residents of Vermont. It took a while to get […]

12 Nov 2022

Getting to know about the people of Peru

I just finished a wonderful 10 days in Peru. Lima is a cool city, it is modern and hectic but there is plenty of ancient history. Even though the city is surrounded by desert, it is cloudy most of the year and a light mist could fall at any time. I really enjoyed getting out into the countryside and visiting small towns and villages. We flew from Lima 90 minutes to Cusco, which is at 11,000 feet. We immediately went […]

08 Nov 2022

Machu Picchu and Pachamama

  I’ve always heard about Machu Picchu and how incredible it is and how amazing Incas built it high in the mountains by hand and how it was lost for hundreds of years. It is all of that and much more. During my Peru workshop I am lucky to have local guide Fernando Baca Callapina showing us around the area. Fernando lives in Cusco, not too far from Machu Picchu and is of Spanish and Quechua descent, the indigenous people […]

06 Nov 2022

Visiting true Inca descendents

Today we made a special trip, winding through a narrow mountain ride, climbing until we got to the village of Willoq. The community, it is thought, maintains a direct line of the last Incas and consequently is one of the last towns where you can see the living culture of Peruvian ancestries. We were greeted on the street by the music of a flute and drum while the women presented each of us with warm handshakes and little flowers. They […]

05 Nov 2022

Guinea pig diplomacy

Guinea pigs are a bit of a delicacy in Peru and they didn’t seem too appetizing to me. As we were driving in a small village, Fernando pulled our van over in front of a little restaurant that had guinea pigs roasting on skewers outside. He bought one so we could all taste it, most of did and no, it didn’t taste like chicken, more like lean pork. In front of a building beside the restaurant sat three men who […]

17 Oct 2022

Using the drone for Vermont fall foliage

Fall foliage season in Vermont is a special time of year and I can’t think of a place I’d rather be. I did a little extra work this year with my drone, photographing the beauty from a different point of view on several different days. I rarely get it out during my workshops, I’m there to help people make photos and not shoot for myself. But we had a little break at Chittenden Resevoir for our picnic dinner, so I […]

15 Oct 2022

Loving life in Vermont

As the fall foliage season was winding down a couple of weeks ago in Vermont, I was out wandering around at sunrise in the fog. One of our employees at Focus Gallery has a beautiful farm at the corner of two dirt roads and I ended up there. She has a striking horse sculpture in a field that I had photographed last winter. There are also several horses wandering around the farm, which are great to photograph. As the fog […]

12 Aug 2022

Experiencing a volcano

Last year I hesitated going to Iceland when the volcano erupted in April. I was going in August and figured I’d just see it then. By the time I got there it had pretty much fizzled out, although I did get to see some lava gurgling. When it erupted again Aug. 3 I knew I’d be there in a couple of weeks and would have a good chance of seeing the full power of it.  I’ve been watching live videos, […]

25 Feb 2022

One of those great snowy days

It snows a good deal in Vermont and I try to get out in it as much as I can. But some days are better than others. I’m not sure why, it is always beautiful, and the scenery doesn’t change that much. Today was one of those great days. We didn’t get a ton of snow, maybe eight inches, but it was the beautiful kind. The wind wasn’t blowing and the temperature was in the low 20s, perfect conditions. Wendy, […]

21 Aug 2021

Iceland always lives up to the hype

I just got back from another exciting workshop in Iceland. It was my seventh trip there and it never gets old. Covid cancelled my last two planned workshops there and a lot had changed since Feb. 2020. Some roads had moved, more roundabouts were created and access had been made easier to a couple of my favorite locations.  I had hoped to watch the newest volcano flow down through the valley but it wasn’t as active as it was earlier […]

13 Aug 2021

Seeing Fagradalsfjall gurgle in Iceland

I’ve been watching Fagradalsfjall, Iceland’s latest volcanic eruption for the past few months, hoping it would still be flowing for my trip this week. It is one of the more unique volcano flows, it started in a valley and the lava flowed down between small mountains. That meant people could hike right up to the edge of the flow or climb higher and look down into the bubbling crater. Some magnificent photos and videos have been created and I was […]

01 Nov 2020

Video: Chimping, Blinkies and Histograms

Getting the proper exposure is a constant challenge for photographers. In this seminar I talked about Chimping, Blinkies and Histograms..

15 May 2020

Will Iceland be the safest place this summer?

It looks like Iceland will be one of the safest places to be this summer. As of Tuesday there were only 15 active cases in the whole country with one person in the hospital and no new cases in five days. https://icelandmonitor.mbl.is/news/news/2020/05/12/fifth_day_of_no_new_covid_19_cases_in_iceland/. The country has been testing people even before the virus was in the country and has been a model for dealing with the virus. Check out this CNN interview with the Prime Minister https://www.cnn.com/videos/tv/2020/05/12/katrin-jakobsdottir-amanpour-iceland-coronavirus-testing-tourism.cnn.   They also announced they are […]