Iceland just keeps on giving

I have to admit that before I went to Iceland I was thinking that maybe I have been there too much and had seen it all. This was my sixth trip in the last two years and I take new workshop participants to the same places, knowing there will be exciting photos there for the photographers. My main goal for workshops is not to make pictures for myself, it is to help others make great images. But I like to get a good shot once in a while too. That sure wasn’t a problem on this trip, the beauty of Iceland is astounding and we were treated to a wonderful display of the Aurora Borealis. To see colorful lights dancing in the sky is beyond words and I may have sounded like a little kid giggling while we were standing out in the dark capturing the beauty with our cameras. We did an early morning hike back to an ice cave and got there before the tourists showed up to crowd the cave as they took selfies. It was a beautiful cave and created unique images for everyone. Even the places I’ve been to several times made for fun, new shots. A favorite place is Diamond Beach where pieces of blue glacial ice wash up on the black sand beach. The sun was low in the sky and the scene was magical as the light creeped into the ice releasing the blue colors. I look forward to returning in August and again next year.

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