Making the best of a long drive home

permaquidWhenever I make a long drive, like to my Acadia National Park photography Workshop, I try to stop at interesting places during the drive. I plan to find places that are less than 30 minutes off the road so I can get there and back within an hour. I always think I only need a few minutes at a site to either scout it for a future serious shooting session or luck out and get something really good while I am there. I hope to only extend my drive by an hour but it usually ends up adding two hours to the drive.

On my way back from Acadia, I thought I’d check out a couple of lighthouses on the Maine coast. And yes, I added more than an hour to my scheduled nine hour drive. My first stop was the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in Bristol. It is a classic lighthouse built in 1835 above cool looking rocks that have been transformed by crashing waves and running water.

I was greeted at the entrance by a friendly volunteer who got excited when I told her I was a professional photographer. She told me all the classic angles to shoot and where to go. I’d done my research, so I had an idea of what to shoot, but it was nice of her to be so helpful. She even told me how to get a reflection of the lighthouse in a little pool in the rocks.

I had told myself I’d spend only 15 minutes there but of course that turned into 45 minutes. I got some nice shots and headed back down the road.

When I got to Portland, I was getting tired and hungry, so I thought I’d stop at the famous Portland Head Lighthouse and find some food on the way. The lighthouse is one of the most photographed lighthouses in the country, it is at the edge of a city and it is easy to access. There is a beautiful park around the lighthouse and many locals were there picnicking, playing and enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

My photos were nice but nothing special although I enjoyed seeing all the people having fun in the park and hanging out near the ocean.

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