Destination Workshops

Vermont Winter Photography Workshop – Jan. 14-16

SOLD OUT -- Jan. 14-16 - I think winter is the most beautiful time of year to be a photographer. I love seeing the simplicity created by a heavy blanket of snow and photographing the clean lines and the pureness of the countryside that only appears in winter. I have spent years driving the backroads of Vermont finding great locations for winter photos and now I will share them with you. Join me for this unique photographic experience as you learn the tricks and techniques involved in capturing those special winter scenes.

Iceland Aurora and Ice Cave Photo Workshop 2023

SOLD OUT -- Feb. 6-12, 2023 - We will chase the northern lights, explore an incredible ice cave, visit the spectacular lagoon at Jokulsarlon, shoot fabulous waterfalls and much more.

Night Skies and Light Painting in Vermont Photography Workshop – June 2023

June 16-18 - Get away from city lights and explore photographing at night, astrophotography and light painting. You don’t have to head out west to find darkness, we’ll go to remote Vermont locations that offer tremendous views of the sky. I have mastered the technique of light painting: using flashlights to illuminate large objects in the dark. The combination of stars and light painting make for incredible images.

Vermont Night Skies and Lightpainting workshop – July 2023

July 14-16 -- Come to Vermont to photograph the night sky.

Iceland Summer Photography Workshop – Aug. 2023

Aug. 12-18, 2023 - Iceland is one of the special places on Earth and summer is a great time to visit and photograph. Join Loren on his 11th Iceland trip since 2018 as we make memorable photos of the island nation.

Namibia – Landscape, Wildlife and Stars Photography Workshop

Sept. 6-17, 2023 -- 10 days of photographing unique landscapes and amazing wildlife.

Vermont Fall Foliage Photography Workshop – 2023

Oct. 2-6 - There's nothing more special than photographing fall foliage in Vermont.