Not the best start for an Iceland workshop

It is great to be back in Iceland although I’m not off to a great start. As I was sitting on the tarmac in Newark I realized I left my coat inside the airport lounge. They had already closed the plane’s door, so I wasn’t able to run back in and grab it. When I was packing I originally tossed in an extra rain coat but pulled it out to save space. I have this thing about cool looking jackets, I think most of them are and I could buy nearly every one I see. Since my first trip to Iceland I’ve had a hankering for ones made by 66 North, so I resigned myself to needing to buy one now. Like everything in Iceland, they ain’t cheap!

I knew there was a store in the airport that has a large selection of 66 North and I thought it wouldn’t be too big of a problem getting a nice, new jacket there. When I arrived I ran right to the store before going through customs and all that junk. They had the one I was dreaming of and as I was checking out they asked for my boarding pass. It turns out since I was arriving and not leaving I couldn’t buy it! It was the duty free area they wouldn’t let me have it. I hate stupid regulations like that, but I didn’t get my jacket.

Well not only did I not have a coat, after going though passport control I went to get my luggage only to find it wasn’t there. I went to the missing luggage window to learn they don’t scan arrivals so they didn’t know if it was still in Newark or where it was. They said it would probably arrive on the next day’s flight from Newark. Not what I wanted to hear, I was taking the group a couple of hours north of the airport and we wouldn’t be back this way for three days. This is really not the way I like to start a workshop but I didn’t have much choice.

Since everyone was meeting at the airport and a couple of other flights were late, I had some time to find a store that was near our morning’s route through Reykjavik. I knew if I didn’t get a coat there I probably wouldn’t find another place to get one, so we went to a mall and I paid an outrageous amount for a pretty new blue jacket. I am the proud owner of a 66 North jacket (the latitude of Iceland).

As I was coming out of the mall I checked my email and learned my luggage did arrive at the airport and had been misplaced. We were now 90 minutes from the airport and I didn’t want to waste three hours round trip to drive back and get it so they assured me it would be delivered to our hotel tonight, so I could breath some relief, I had a coat and I didn’t need to buy underwear.

It turns out I needed my new raincoat, the weather was pretty wet today. It was the typical misty rain, enough to make being outside not as much fun but not heavy enough to keep hardy photographers indoors. We drove up to our hotel on the Snaefellsjokull Peninsula and stopped at some cool locations on the way. One of my favorites is a church painted black in Budir. It is out on an old lava field and today there were some sheep wandering around. Even with the damp sky it made for some fun photos. We were then on to the little fishing village of Arnarstapi.

After some more shooting we had dinner and settled into our hotel and my luggage arrive at about 11 p.m. Now it is a better start.

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