Great, glad you’re submitting photos for the exhibit.

You need to email up to three photos to PhotoExhibit@LorenPhotos.com by midnight Sept. 5. You will be notified by Sept. 7 whether your photos made the cut.

Remember, these photos are only for the jurying process, you are responsible for having a print made suitable for exhibition.

Each photo should be .jpg format and at least 1024 pixels on the longest side and 72 dpi. Larger is fine, as long as they are .jpg.

Each image should be renamed using your name and entry number. Example: JohnSmith1.jpg, JohnSmith2.jpg.

Within the text of the email, you should include: Your name, hometown, email address and the photo information–the name of the photo, the framed size of the print and the price you are asking, if you are selling the photo. This information will be displayed adjacent to your photo at the exhibit.

Example: John Smith, Somerville, jsmith000002@gmail.com.
JohnSmith1: ‘Fallen Trees’ 18X24 frame, $250.00
JohnSmith2: ‘Yellow Trees’ 16×20 frame, $325.00

Check out my blog post about preparing for a photo exhibit.

Sept. 5: Application Deadline
Sept. 7: Notifications sent of photos accepted
Oct. 3-7: Photographers drop off framed work ready for hanging.
Oct. 13: Show opening, 6-8 p.m., light refreshments and appetizers will be served!  guest speaker.
Dec. 30: Show ends
Jan. 3-6: Pick up your photos