I have several programs that I present to photography groups, camera clubs and other organizations. When I talk to photography groups, I don’t just show pretty pictures from various locations, I instill inspiration in the crowd and give practical tips and advice that people can use right away. For non-photography groups, I excite and inspire the crowd to get out and explore the natural world. Talks are typically an hour to 90 minutes but can be customized to fit your needs. A darkened room is required and I can bring a projector and screen if needed.

Night Photography
Taking photos during the day is fun, but some dramatic photos can be made right after the sun has gone down and into the night. You’ll be surprised to learn how much light is in the sky well after sunset and I show how to make the sky look great, even if it is cloudy, and how the light on buildings looks different as darkness settles in. I talk about and show how light painting techniques bring brightness to the darkness.

If you can do it here, you can do it anywhere
Taking photos in the world’s great locations is fun and yields great results, IF you are ready. I’ll show techniques and habits learned at home can be used no matter where you go. Learning to see great photos at home will make your big trip photos even better.

Personal projects
I always have a personal project in the works, something to keep me focused and inspired. They can be location based, theme based or technique based. Some projects are big but having a small project makes it easy to have something to shoot when you have a bit of time. I’ll show how I keep track of photo locations and photo ideas. Learn what creating personal projects can do for you.

Why it is worth dragging my butt out of bed to photograph at sunrise
The light at sunrise is the best of the day, it is clean, directional and pure. And yet I usually don’t have the sun in my images. I’m not a natural early bird, but I am rarely disappointed when I’m out early. Learn how to make the best of your mornings.

Capturing fall foliage
Autumn colors are fun to see but can be intimidating and hard to photograph. I’ll show you how to get the best foliage photos.

The legal aspects of photography
Loren isn’t an attorney but he has studied many of photography’s legalities, especially when he was president of the New Jersey chapter of ASMP. We’ll talk about what rights you have while making images, where you can and can’t go, copyright protection and what you need to do to copyright your photos, online usage of images, how to find online usage infractions, the difference between editorial and advertising use and more. This isn’t meant to be a substitute for getting legal counsel, only as informational so you know your rights.

Creating a Photo Story
Taking a single image is easy but putting together several images to create a narrative is much more difficult. We’ll talk about planning a story, thinking about what shots are needed for the story, how to cull down your images to create a concise package, what makes a good photo story, how to get story ideas, where and how to display your story and more.

A non-birder photographing birds
I like photographing birds in a way that shows their natural habitat and personality. I’m not a bird watcher, if I can’t get a bird fairly large in my viewfinder, I’m really not interested. I don’t keep a “life list” but knowing some simple tricks and bird habits makes getting fun photos easier.

Enjoying the natural world
This presentation is for non-photography groups and is designed to inspire people to get out and enjoy the natural world, both close to home and in distant locations. I show images from around the world and talk about how lucky we are to have nature give us an amazing daily show of beauty and we only have to be willing to slow down and look.