May 2013 Print of the Month

Signed and numbered Limited Edition print.


Product Description

I love being out in nature, totally unnoticed and witnessing the little things that are special. I was watching this egret as it walked around the pond’s edge as the sun was going down. It made several stabs into the shallow water and came up empty. It slowly walked a little further and the sun barely cleared the trees as the egret jammed it beak in the water again. I could see the crayfish wiggle and the water droplets fly as the egret finally got some dinner. The combination of sun light, water and the silhouetted crook of the egret’s neck all came together in a special moment.

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Acrylic mounted print 24″X36″, Acrylic mounted print 32″X48″, Acrylic mounted print 40″X60″, Acrylic mounted print 48″X72″, Acrylic mounted print 60″X90″, Canvas Print, 16″X24″, Canvas Print, 24″X36″, Canvas Print, 32″X48″, Canvas Print, 40″X60″, Canvas Print, 60″X90″ three panels, Print, 16″X24″ in 24″X30″ mat, Print, 8″X12″ in 16″X20″ mat


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