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I had been watching these trees along a Vermont brook for a long time, knowing there was a good photo if I was there at the right time. The long winter had left a couple of feet of snow on the ground and a heavy rain created interesting patterns in the snow two days before I made this picture. A fox or coyote walked down to one of the trees from higher up the hill, I imagine to look for food. The tracks created are highlighted by shadows created by the low morning sun.

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Black Floater Frame, Dark Wood Floater Frame, Gold Floater Frame, No Frame, Silver Floater Frame, White Floater Frame


16″X48 Acyrlic mounted panorama, 16″X48″ Panorama Canvas Print, 20″X60″ Acrylic mounted panorama, 20″X60″ Panorama Canvas Print, 24″X72″ Acrylic mounted panorama, 24″X72″ Panorama Canvas Print, 30″X90″ Acrylic mounted panorama, 30″X90″ Panorama Canvas Print, Acrylic mounted print 40″X60″