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Jan. 2013 Print of the Month

Signed and numbered Limited Edition print.


Woodstock, VT
During one of my snow excursions in Vermont, I drove past these two lonely-looking trees alone by a deep snow drift. I just drove past at first, there really wasn’t any place to park on the one-lane road but something told me to go back. There wasn’t room to turn around, so I backed my Jeep up several hundred yards and parked in the road. I spent 15 minutes or so out in the single-digit cold to see if there was the right angle to get the shot I wanted. I had to dig down in a ditch with my tripod and shoot up the hill to get the one tree on the crest. I really love how the scene was absent of color, this is a color picture, but there is only black, white and gray in the scene. The starkness of the two trees against the snow and matching sky create a unique feeling for me.

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