Tag : Ferns

15 Aug 2010

What’s good: Ferns in a bog

Just outside of Woodstock, Vermont, is a natural area that has been protected by The Nature Conservancy. It is called Eshqua Bog Natural Area and it is 41 acres with hiking trails that go through the bog area and up the hillside to the forest. I’ve been there many times and the ferns always catch my eye.

29 May 2010

What’s good: Ferns on a cloudy day

I was hoping for a sunny day so I could photograph the beauty of Vermont in morning light. I saw a little bit of sun but the clouds took over and created a soft light. I found a large patch of ferns, so I put the soft light to work with them. I like to photograph ferns, and they look better, or at least more natural, when there isn’t strong sunlight hitting them. Harsh shadows and ferns don’t work for […]