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26 Jan 2020

A night in New York City

Last night was a fun workshop in New York City. All day there was heavy rain and miserable conditions. I had postponed the workshop from the week before due to snow and ice predictions and it turned out to be a wise idea. Yesterday it looked like the rain would stop around 6:00 p.m. so I decided to go ahead with the workshop. I warned everyone to be ready for rain, it is important to keep yourself as dry as […]

26 Oct 2019

Streaking at the Brooklyn Bridge

A fun workshop that I do with fellow professional photographer Ron Lake is a tour of New York City’s big bridges. We can’t hit them all in one day but we go to five of the most photogenic. Our first stop is usually the George Washington Bridge and the little known Little Red Lighthouse that sits underneath. I’ve written in my blog about it before but it is still fun to take people to something they didn’t know existed. We […]

28 Apr 2019

Another shot at New York City bridges

One of the really fun workshops I do is a day in New York City photographing some of the bridges. We start the day under the George Washington Bridge where there is the Little Red Lighthouse that not many people know about. They literally built the huge bridge over the tiny lighthouse and since the lighthouse is so small it didn’t get it the way much during construction. Once the bridge was completed and was lit up the lighthouse was […]

23 Dec 2018

A day photographing bridges in New York City

I had a fun day today in the big city with friend and fellow pro photographer Ron Lake. We kicked around photographing some of New York’s bridges, which are some of the most amazing structures anywhere. I’m planning a photography workshop to shoot the bridges and wanted to do a final scouting trip. Before meeting Ron I went under the George Washington Bridge to the Little Red Lighthouse. It isn’t easy to get to but it is pretty cool and […]

18 Nov 2018

Peeking into Manhattan from a Brooklyn perspective

Last night was another fun night photography workshop in New York City. We started in the afternoon at the iconic Flatiron Building and then headed to Brooklyn for sunset. Photographers love to shoot the pilings along the Brooklyn waterfront looking over into Manhattan and for good reason. We got to Brooklyn before sunset so I took them to a cool spot in Dumbo where you can photograph the Empire State Building framed by one the Manhattan Bridge stanchions. It makes […]

11 Nov 2018

A fun time on the street in Chinatown

Today was a bit of a different workshop: street photography in New York. Street photography has become kind of trendy, but the more I thought about it I realized it is what I started doing over 40 years ago. Working as a newspaper photojournalist was all about being out on the street. Many times I had assignments but a lot of time was spent finding photos on the street and documenting the community. I worked at one small Indiana newspaper […]

26 Oct 2018

You never know what you’ll find in NYC

Last night was another workshop in New York City focusing on night photography. We started in Central Park, which is always full of surprises. This time it was a couple of performers singing and playing violins inside the chilly underpass at Bethesda Fountain. When we first walked up it was a bit disappointing because the fountain was turned off, which isn’t too pretty. Then we heard the music coming from the nearby walkway underpass. A woman and man were making […]

16 Aug 2018

Getting ready for New York City photography workshops

I’ve been wanting to do photography workshops and tours in New York City for a while but there is always the big problem of transportation, getting around in the city isn’t easy or fun. I’ve solved that problem with the purchase of my Sprinter 12-passenger van. So lookout New York, I’m going to be turning lots of photographers loose on the city! Friend and fellow professional photographer Ron Lake will be helping me on many of the NYC trips. Ron […]

23 Aug 2015

The old and new coexist along New York City’s High Line

One of New York City’s newest attractions was made out of something old. Someone had the great idea of turning an old elevated railway into a natural park and thus the High Line was created. The High Line is a public park built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side. It runs from Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District to West 34th Street, between 10th and 12th Avenues. The area around the High […]

12 Jul 2015

Getting a shot of Manhattenhenge

It only happens twice a year and it is one of those strange New York City occurrences – Manhattenhenge. It is when the setting sun lines up directly on the cross streets of the Big Apple. Hundreds, if not thousands, of photographers come out to try to get a shot of a blazing ball setting between the big buildings. I’ve tried several times and clouds block me every time. This year the clouds only kinda won. I saw the sun […]