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07 Jul 2019

Art on the streets of New York City

Today was a fun workshop that I ran for the first time. It was all about photographing street art, people and murals in New York City. The big city has an amazing amount of street art and there are locations where it is heavily concentrated. We started in Queens in a quiet neighborhood where most walls in a four block area have murals painted on them. They are kept fresh, many were done this year. It is a cool way […]

30 Sep 2018

Exploring New York City at night

I’m not really a night owl but I had a great time last night hosting a mid town New York photography workshop at night. We started in Central Park before it got dark, which is always a great place to photograph but going alone can be a bit intimidating. This was the first of many workshops I’m planning in the city since I bought a 12-passenger van that makes it convenient for participants to get around. With the help of […]

21 Sep 2018

New York has gone to the pigeons

I went to Washington Square Park today and ran across Paul, a guy who seems to have an affection for pigeons. Paul was sitting on a park bench surrounded by maybe 100 pigeons and many sparrows too. But the pigeons weren’t just on the ground like the sparrows, they were all over Paul, sitting on his arms, legs, clinging to his shirt, hanging off his pants, covering his shoes and even sitting on his head. It was quite the sight.

29 Jun 2010

What’s good: Love is in the air

At the wedding reception of my niece Emily, my sister Lynda and her husband Bill, felt the love in the air with the Manhattan skyline in the background.

27 Jun 2010

What’s good: Emily’s wedding

My dear niece Emily is now happily married to Nathaniel Hare after a great wedding day. The ceremony was a beautiful affair in lower Manhattan. After the nuptials, the happy couple headed out to the reception in a classic 1968 yellow Checker cab.