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18 Sep 2010

What’s good: Robin on a mountain

Robin looks at the view from The Pinnacle in Pomfret, VT.

Robin and I took a hike to The Pinnacle, the top of a good-sized at my favorite place in Pomfet, Vermont. The hike is pretty steep, but it is worth the work when the view at the top appears.

17 Aug 2010

What’s good: Robin’s new book is out

Robin Gaby Fisher holds her latest book, "The Boys of the Dark."

It’s a great day. Robin’s latest book, “The Boys of the Dark,” hit the shelves today and it is a good. It is about the Florida School For Boys and the atrocities that occurred there as told through two of the victims. It is a powerful story and once again Robin did a great job writing it. She has ability to craft a paragraph, although it is a torture for me to watch. While I don’t have the patience to read a sentence more than once, which is obvious from reading this blog, Robin will work a paragraph for hours and hours, especially a lead paragraph. While I would be long onto something else, she’ll go back for days to make sure it is right. And it shows. I’m proud of her.

15 Jun 2010

What’s good: Seeing the farm

Farm after sunset in South Branch, NJ.

When I first came to New Jersey for a job interview in 1987, I wasn’t too sure about leaving the Midwest for N.J. I’d been through the state a couple of times, the last being on a bus while I was at USA Today and we came up to play a softball game against David Letterman in Central Park. The bus came up the NJ Turnpike, which is packed with cars and goes past tons of oil refineries. Not where I want to be. I drove around a lot after the job interview and soon came upon two grain silos. That was a good sign for me. It is great to see that 23 years later the silos are still there on the working farm.

13 Jun 2010

What’s good: Hiking through the Sourland Mountains with Robin

Robin poses on a boulder in the Sourland Mountains.

We going trying to meet my old friends Lori and Art Smith in New York today, but we couldn’t make the schedules work. So instead, Robin and I went for a good hike in the Sourland Mountains, about 10 miles from our house.

Loren and Robin at the Sourland Mountains.

The Sourlands have some unusual geology, including huge boulders that aren’t found any where else around here. There is a boulder river that is really unique. I’ve been there many times but I still haven’t made a photo of the river that does it justice. We didn’t hike over to the boulder river today, just to the top of the hill where some really large rocks are exposed. We were hot and sweaty, but it was a good hike and another reminder of how I be 35 miles from NYC yet escape to a place like the Sourlands.

14 May 2010

What’s good: Sisters smiling

Penny, left, and Robin in downtown Somerville.

I had dinner tonight with Robin and her sister Penny at our favorite restaurant, Chao Phayo in Somerville. We call it “cheap Thai” because we can get out of there about as cheap as any place and the food is always good and plentiful. We go there at least once a week.

The only thing Robin doesn’t like about it is they have small wine glasses. She likes those big ones that fill up your hand. Robin hasn’t seen a wine glass that was too big. So she started taking her own wine glass to the restaurant. The owner, Apple, thought it was funny, so I suggested that the restaurant keep the glass. So now when Robin sits down, a large wine glass appears on the table.

11 Apr 2010

What’s good: Being married to Robin Gaby Fisher

Robin and Loren on top of Mt. Peg in Woodstock, Vt.

I’m married to Robin Gaby Fisher. I’m one lucky guy. It is coming up on 20 years of luck.

Robin spent the weekend at our Vermont home, I had to stick around NJ for some work. I took this photo last fall after we went to the top of Mt. Peg, which is a nice hike from our Woodstock house.

Robin took Sophie, one of our Bernese Mountain Dogs with her, leaving the newcomer, Zian, with me. When she got home this evening, Sophie came to greet me in the garage, so I let her into the yard, closed the door to the garage but it didn’t close all the way. Zian wanted to see Robin, so he opened the door and saw the big garage door was open. Sophie was right behind as they took off for the neighbor’s yard and the chase was on.

I caught Zian but Sophie headed for the street. I thought Zian would stay with Robin and took off after Sophie. Zian must have thought that was fun because he ran faster than Sophie through the neighborhood. Robin gets more excited than me when these events occur and I tried to calm her down in a rather rude way. After a good run we caught the dogs.

Robin’s passion is always right on the surface. She is always concerned about the innocents who can’t fend for themselves, especially animals. That’s what I love, her passion. She doesn’t do anything half-way. It is full-blown whether it is taking care of dogs, getting a great interview or thinking two caps of laundry detergent must be better than one.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.