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24 Mar 2013

Overexposed in the Garden of Good and Evil

Before making my 12-hour drive back to New Jersey, I decided to shoot at sunrise in the famous Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah. It is most famous for the cover photo of “bird girl” on the 1994 book “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” That statue is now in an art museum, so I didn’t get any photos of it, but there is plenty of other things to shoot. I have to say this is the eeriest cemetery I’ve […]

23 Mar 2013

Seeing the blue hour in Savannah

On my way back to New Jersey from Florida, I stopped for the night in Savannah, GA. It is a great city with lots of unique things going on. I got into town around 5:30 p..m. and there was a disappointing cloud cover, so I didn’t have any sweet light to shoot. Normally when it is spitting rain, cold and cloudy, I see what is on TV. But I don’t get here very often so I went out to what […]