Taking a 10-day photo challenge

LeonardFriend Lisa Lacasse invited me to join her Queechee Area Camera Club 10-day photo challenge where you have to shoot and post a photo each day for the next 10. I’m not a big fan of shooting photos just to shoot, I like to have a purpose and a goal. While there are times I’ll go out and just enjoy the search for something different, I usually have something that I am looking for or something I want to work on.

I haven’t shot tight faces for a long time, so I decided to make faces my challenge. Old men are a subject I enjoy to photograph and chat with. While shooting at an old church with Lisa this morning, I heard a voice across the street. A man was telling us that we could come over and take pictures of the church from his yard. While I knew the photos wouldn’t be too good from there, I thought it would be fun to talk with him.

Leonard has lived in the little house for many years and grew up in the town. He told us some interesting details about the church that built in 1844. I joked with him wondering if he saw them build the church, I guess he really didn’t see the humor. Later I asked him if I could make a picture of him and he declined. I pressed him a bit knowing he was just being shy. He finally relented and I made some nice shots of him.

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