There’s a bird, what is it?

A black-crowned night heron waits for prey.

At sunrise today I was wandering around Colonial Park, in Franklin, NJ. I wasn’t feeling it, I was having real trouble finding a picture I liked even though it was a beautiful morning. The light and what little colorful foliage that is still around didn’t come together for me. I was about to give up and I was headed back to my car when I saw a bird with long legs land beside a pond. I didn’t recognize the bird, so I tried to get closer. I couldn’t see it in the reeds and grass along the pond and it flew about 20 feet away. I didn’t have my long lens so I went to the car and go it.

A black-crowned night heron shakes off the morning dew.

When I came back, the bird hadn’t moved but the lighting was really bad on it. The only way to get good light was to be in the middle of the pond, and that wasn’t happening. So I crept up on it and made some shots. I thought it might be a green heron, but it wasn’t big enough. It just sat there staring into the water, it didn’t move. I still didn’t know what I was shooting, but it stuck its neck out real long and then shook off before taking flight. I went through my bird book and looked online when I got home and I think it is an immature black-crowned night heron. Let me know if I’m right or wrong.

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