Waiting for the color to fill the sky

The weather today was one of the top five of the year. It just doesn’t get any better than clear and 72 degrees. Those big puffy cumulus clouds just floated around the sky.

I knew the clouds would make a nice picture at dusk, so I headed to the Raritan River in Bridgewater, N.J. As the sun went down the clouds got more dramatic, orange highlighted the white clouds for a few minutes and then the sun faded over the horizon.

I was standing at the edge of the river near a dam. A guy had been wading in the river while fishing. After the sun went down his packed up his fishing rod and came over to chat. He said he shoots a lot of pictures and still shoots film. He talked about the orange clouds and gave a me a puzzled look wondering why I was still there and not packing up. I told him there was more color coming but he didn’t look convinced. He shrugged and headed back to his car.

So I stood at the river’s edge for another 15 minutes while the sky looked rather plain. Then it happened, there’s the color I’d been waiting for. Deep blues in the sky, yellow, red and orange at the horizon reflecting in the water.

Too bad the dude fishing went home without fish and without seeing the prettiest time of day.

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