Walter tries to catch a wave

Hawaiian muscleToday we started off at sunrise but the weather wasn’t our friend and we didn’t get much of a shot. We went back to the sandy beach where we watched body surfers yesterday and the waves were much bigger. It was fun to see the youngsters riding what they could.

Up in the parking lot I saw this kid with lots of tattoos, a big gold chain and gold watch. He was pretty impressed with himself, taking selfies and primping for his friends in his muscle car Dodge. I put on a wide angle lens and told him to show me his guns. He happily complied as I got up in his face for the photo.

walter surfingWe went back to Waikiki beach where it was Walter’s turn to surf. I’ve never tried surfing, it looks like more work than reward, so I documented Walter’s run. He had taken lessons once in California and wanted to again but we didn’t have enough time so he just rented a board and went out on his own. He should have taken the lesson. Not to be a spoiler, but he wasn’t able to stand and ride a wave. He was pretty disappointed but hey, we’re in paradise, nothing is too bad.


Then we flew from Oahu over to the Big Island. The weather was pretty rainy but we toured the island and hit a couple of cool places.

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