Welcome to Acadia

Acadia--5I made the drive to Maine yesterday so I could do a little final scouting before my Acadia National Park Photo Workshop, which starts tomorrow. The bad thing about being so far north and wanting to shoot that great early morning light is that sunrise is at about 4:50 a.m. Our hotel is in Bar Harbor, right at the edge of the park but it still takes a while to get to our planned locations, so we are heading out at 4:00 a.m. each day. It hurts but it is worth it.

We had a great sunrise today and I was one some of the most slippery rocks I’ve ever encountered. It was tricky because there are lots of rocks covered with moss on the beach at Monument Cove and you can’t step on top of them or you will slide right off. So I had to wedge my foot between rocks, take a step and wedge that foot. It was slow going but I got where I wanted to be as the sun creaked over the horizon.

The day ended at Bass Harbor light house with more climbing over rocks, although these were much larger and high tide kept me off the slippery ones. We waited until after the sun went down to get a cool view of the light house shining it’s famous red light.

I look forward to a great week in Acadia.


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