What’s good: Climbing to the pinnacle

A view of Promfret, Vermont.

Ducky on a trail.

Our Woodstock, Vermont neighbor, Ducky, took me this morning to some land her family has in Promfret, Vermont. We headed out at 5:30 a.m. to catch the early light of the day. Promfret is an area of Vermont that is still unspoiled. Development through the years has been minimal and people are proud of the land and fight to keep it pristine.

Ducky’s father bought the land in the 1950’s when it was mostly pasture. As the years have gone by, many of the pastures have gone to wooded areas. We hiked for several hours and up some pretty steep hills. We got to what she calls The Pinnacle, the top of a hill that has a great view over the Pomfret. It is a spectacular view and a special place.

Fog climbs up through the hills.

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