What’s good: Cormorants play in a tree

Double Crested Cormorants sit in a Johnson Park tree.

I was driving home from the office in East Brunswick and as I crossed the Raritan River from New Brunswick to Piscataway on Rt. 18, I saw a big splash in the river. It wasn’t very close to the bridge, so I knew it didn’t come from the bridge. A little farther down river I saw small waves circling out from another spot.

A cormorant in a tree.

There is a park along the river so I drove into it to check out what was making the big splashes.

I drove down a little road and couldn’t see anything, as I was driving back I noticed a couple of large birds on dead branches of a tree. I looked closer and could tell that they were cormorants, Double Crested Cormorants to be exact. So I parked and got out the camera, big lens and tripod. There were five cormorants in the tree and a couple more flew in. Cormorants migrate through New Jersey, I understand they fly in V-shaped flocks, but I haven’t seen that. In fact, I haven’t seen this many cormorants in one place before. So I took a bunch of shots of them in the tree and went over to the river to see if I could see any diving, and making the big splash. Cormorants have webbed feet like a duck and fly under water. They spend a good deal of time in trees preening the water out of their feathers.

After I didn’t see any hitting the river, I walked under the tree where they were sitting and made some more shots. They were a fun way to end the work day.

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