What’s good: Eagles, salmon, moose and caribou in Alaska

A golden eagle soars along the Alaska coast.

Another great day in Alaska. Today we worked the Kanai Penninsula from one end to the other.

Bald eagle in Homer, Alaska.

On the way back north, we saw eagles soaring off a bluff. We found a place to pull and and a short hike took us to the bluff’s edge where bald and golden eagles soared right past us like they were in a parade. We had well over 50 birds pass by including a slew of golden eagles. Neither Walter or I had seen a golden before, so it was quite a thrill.

An Alaskan cleans a salmon he caught using a net.

Also today we saw natives fishing with nets for salmon. Only native Alaskans are allowed to net salmon and they have a limit of 25. We saw moose mommies and babies three times, in Homer we watched sea otters playing and a bald eagle posing for photos in town. We finished the day with a caribou about a mile from our hotel.

Again today we are running on way too little sleep and I am too groggy to put together a gallery of photos from the last couple of days. We have a long day planned again tomorrow, so it looks like I have to get home before postings lots of photos.

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