What’s good: Ferns on a cloudy day

Ferns in Woodstock, Vermont

I was hoping for a sunny day so I could photograph the beauty of Vermont in morning light. I saw a little bit of sun but the clouds took over and created a soft light. I found a large patch of ferns, so I put the soft light to work with them. I like to photograph ferns, and they look better, or at least more natural, when there isn’t strong sunlight hitting them. Harsh shadows and ferns don’t work for me.

A Common Merganser flies out of the Ottauquechee River in Woodstock, Vermont

As I was driving along the Ottauquechee River in Woodstock and saw a bird in the river. It was swimming upstream slowly, and I walked along the river and made pictures until it decided to take off. I thought it was a loon until I looked closer, it was a Common Merganser, with a red head. I would have loved to had sunlight illuminating that color. Maybe tomorrow.

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