What’s good: Finding pretty weeds mixed in the grass

Small flowers grow in the grass of my back yard.

My yard isn’t going to be on any commercials for being pretty and clean. That’s fine by me, I have better things to do than make sure there is only grass growing in the yard. In fact, my yard has been pretty much taken over by weeds. Someone once told me weeds are just plants that are growing where you don’t want them.

The back yard is pretty much covered with this little broad-leafed stuff that is rather viney. I have no idea what it is and it is growing where I don’t want it, so it is a weed. This weed is flowering right now with tiny purple flowers. They kinda look like dinky orchids, not that I really would know an orchid if it bit me. But I like the blooms, even though they are only about 1/4 inch across.

So I spent a little time this morning on my belly, crawling around the yard with my macro lens and tripod. I’m sure the neighbors were puzzled, but they don’t ask many questions anymore.

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