What’s good: Looking close in the yard

Close-up of two-inch iris

After I got home from work, I thought I would walk down to a nearby park and see what was there. It was another rainy, gray day and I needed to find something good to lift my mood. I threw my tripod over my shoulder and headed toward the gate. Like I’ve said before, our yard isn’t an arboretum. There’s really only about four flowers growing in the yard and the dogs think plants are for stomping. At the side of the house are a few small iris.  They are only about an inch or two long, but the closer I looked the more I liked them. I ended up spending about 20 minutes just looking at things in the yard. Nothing is spectacular or probably even special, but there are lots of little neat things. I enjoyed looking at the neighbor’s nice ivy wrapping around our wood fence, the weathered, wooden fence looked neat when I looked closely at it. I soon noticed my blue mood had gone away and I was feeling pretty good.

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