What’s good: The Alaskan bear search continues

A bull moose on the Alaskan Kanai Penninsula.

We started the day with a bonus: a bull moose first thing in the morning. That was the wildlife highlight of the day.

The Russian River in Copper Landing, Alaska.

We went to the Russian River and hiked 2.3 miles to a waterfall where we were told the salmon would be jumping the falls and probably bears would be catching them. The falls and the hike were beautiful but the critters weren’t around. We saw several salmon in pools but they weren’t jumping. And no bears.

Two immature gulls near Anchorage, Alaska.

We stopped at a marsh and photographed some ducks, wading birds and ever-present gulls. Our plan for the day involved over 300 to get north near Denali National Park. So we had about six hours of driving, which limits the shooting.

See Walter’s blog for more details of our day.

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