What’s good: Trouble deciding what to send to NYT Lens blog

Sophie plays in the backyard of our Somerville, NJ home with her stuffed monkey.

The always-cool New York Times Lens blog thought it would be cool to have people around the world take a picture at the same time and send it in. The time they picked was at 11 a.m. EDT today. So I went out in the back yard with the dogs and made some shots. Sophie had her big, stuffed monkey and was bouncing around the yard with it. I made a bunch of pictures and being the old photo editor that I am, I couldn’t decide which photo to use. The choice came down to a rather traditional shot of Sophie and the toy with plenty of yard visible. For this documentary subject, I thought this might be the best shot to send.

My other choice was a very close shot of Sophie shot with a very wide angle lens. It is cooler visually, but doesn’t have any context.

Which one do you think I should have sent?

Sophie smiles for the camera.

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