Seeing night skies in Vermont

This evening was the first session of my Vermont Night Skies and Light Painting Photography Workshop. I’ve always been a little hesitant to do a workshop that depends so much on having fairly clear skies, but I decided to go for it this year. I’ve been watching the weather forecast pretty much non-stop for the past week, like that will make any difference. But this morning it called for cloudy today and then clearing off for tomorrow and Saturday night.

We started the workshop with a fun indoor session where I talked about how to photograph the starts, finding the Milky Way, painting with light and working in the dark. We then headed to one of my favorite locations for light painting, Middle Bridge in Woodstock, which I can see from my second floor bedroom. As expected, it was fairly cloudy, which doesn’t matter for what we were doing. We then went across the street and did some light painting on the public library, which is a beautiful building.

The whole time I was keeping my eye on the sky hoping for breaks in the clouds but overhead it looked the same. I looked to the west and noticed a couple of starts shining so I decided we should go out to Lincoln covered bridge, which doesn’t have many lights around it. When we arrived stars were shining bright and we could see the Milky Way in a large break in the clouds. I told people to get out and shoot fast, the clouds could cover it fast. They did eventually roll back in but not before we got some great shots of the Milky Way and then stars behind the bridge as I lighted it with a flash light. A good start to what should be a great weekend.

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