What’s good: Runners get started

Runners start their 5k race in Somerville, NJ.

As I was getting ready to leave the office, I noticed a couple of people were running clothes. They were heading to a 5k run about a block from the Courier News office. They asked if I wanted to run. I pedal a bicycle, the only time I run it to get lunch. So I grabbed a camera and walked over. A nasty thunderstorm was on the horizon so I made some shots of the start and headed for the car as the rain was starting. By the time I got home, five blocks away, the thunder and lighting was strong and Zian, the dog, was cowering in a corner.

2 thoughts on “What’s good: Runners get started”

  1. thanks a lot i’ve photographed about 800 weddings
    sometimes you get into a rut
    this shot will remind me to think differently

    really well executed the feet planted give something sharp crip for the eye to focus on and the motion of course the excitement and action,how many races have i seen and never ever been inspired to get something so interesting,i cringe to think how boring those little
    assignments about town were when i did the pj thing

    how pre visualised was this, how much did you shoot to get the right shot, did you even look through the camera or just put it on the ground and shoot a couple frames


  2. David, there was a storm rolling in and it was really dark, so I decided to not fight the darkness so I had to use a slow shutter speed. I put the camera on the curb, tried to keep it level and fired away as the runners started the race. There weren’t many runners so I only got off about a dozen frames.