What’s good: Shopping after the storm

Clouds start to clear over Raritan, NJ

It rained all day and then thunderstorms rolled through before clearing off. I went out to walk the dogs and the setting sun was making everything a strange yellow. I took the dog back in the house, much to her confusion, grabbed my camera and tried to make a picture of the light. I couldn’t find anything right in my yard to shoot, so I hopped in the Jeep hoping to find a better place. I knew I had to get up high but by the time I found a good place a few blocks away, the light was gone. I went back home defeated but Robin wanted ice cream so I went to the store. The sun had already set but the sky was still funky. The wet parking lot pavement added to the scene.

One thought on “What’s good: Shopping after the storm”

  1. That was so wierd, the sky behind my house was completely yellow and made my whole house inside yellow. Thought it was the end of the world! 😉