A day in Acadia

The bad thing about loving to shoot sunrise is that I have to get up before the sun. And when I’m in Maine at this time of year, sunrise comes way too early. So I got up at 4 a.m. and headed into Acadia National Park to see the sun rise and, as usual, it was worth the effort.

I went to Monument Cove and was treated to beautiful light pouring onto the rocky coast. The first light of the day is special and it is always exciting to see the warmth of the sun illuminating Acadia’s coast. After shooting for a while I went over to one of the ponds, made some photos and enjoyed the gorgeous morning. Feeling a bit tired from the early morning, I took a good long nap, which really felt good.

Later in the day I went back out to catch the evening light. I went up to Cadillac Mountain to see what the world looked like today from the highest point on the East Coast.  The day had been fairly clear but the clouds were coming in as I got to the top of the mountain. Many times that can be a problem but today they rolled across the islands near Bar Harbor. As the clouds blew across the water they flowed around the islands. Looking down from above the clouds surrounded one island making for a fun photo.

I then went over to a beaver pond I had seen earlier. It was getting dark and I decided to light the beaver hutches with my large flashlight as the sky became dark. I was making long exposures and a beaver was swimming around. I shined my light on a beaver and followed it as it swam. Suddenly it slapped its tail on the water making a large splash and the beaver disappeared. The splash showed up nicely in my photo, it was great way to end the day.

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