A different look around the World Trade Center

Walking around an area where the world changed is pretty intense. It is hard to be near the new World Trade Center without having long, deep thoughts about the lives senselessly lost there and how things are so different since that day in 2001.

The new buildings are beautiful and demand to be photographed. I wanted to do some additional scouting for my upcoming lower Manhattan and Brooklyn workshops and see what I could do to make some different pictures. I decided to break out my little used 15mm fisheye lens. It can really distort things and has a look that I don’t like to overdo. I looked up at the Freedom tower while standing next to Oculus, the new train station that is part of the WTC plaza. I like the way the fisheye warped everything toward the Freedom Tower. It says a lot of me.

I also went inside Oculus with the fisheye. It is such a unique architectural design, a true piece of art. Perspectives are so different inside that the distortion from the fisheye isn’t as obvious, except the line along the ceiling is straight rather than the curve created by the fisheye.

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