A girl and her dog

20140618-LEF_9837-EditI photograph a lots dogs at my little studio at The Hungry Hound. They can be loads of fun and they can be a real pain. But once in a while I get a shot that has something special, like tonight when Emerson posed with her dog Rosie. Rosie is a chocolate Labrador Retriever, so is naturally full of life, curious and ready to lick anything that moves. Zany dogs like her are my favorite dogs to shoot because I can get their attention, even if it is just for short periods.

Emerson was a good model too. She enjoyed having her picture taken and followed direction very well. We took lots of photos and when we were done her parents and I were pretty happy with the results. This shot is one her mother picked and then asked if I could make it black & white. I don’t usually suggest black & white since many people aren’t used to seeing images that way any more, but the tonal qualities of the dog, Emerson’s face and her dress really stand out. I really like the way it created a timeless portrait that I hope the family will cherish forever.

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