A great weekend in New York City

This weekend was a fun one, I lead a three-day photography workshop in New York City. Friday was rainy, so I had to adjust our schedule to keep us dry. We went to the World Trade Center area where there are some great indoor places to photograph including Oculus, the new train station. It has some crazy architecture and wild lines that make for special photographs. Also nearby is Brookfield Place, a shopping area that is very visual.

One of the newest great attractions in the city is the Vessel at Hudson Yards. The Vessel is a $150 million stairway to nowhere. It is 150 feet high, is cone shaped and has stairs and landings all the way up. It was built purely to be a New York City attraction and they succeeded. It has to be one of the cooler things you’ll ever see and it was built with private money. It is free to go in but you have to get tickets in advance, which isn’t easy because of the popularity. I was lucky and got the group tickets Saturday morning so we had a great time wandering around in the thing.

New York is always full of surprises and I wanted to show the group some things they might not expect, so we went to the Tartan Day parade. Having photographed hundreds of parades I know the best photos come from the staging area before the parade starts and that is where we went. It was a lot of fun photographing and talking with the participants, many came over from Scotland just to march in the short parade. 

Then we went down to Washington Square Park in the village where anything can happen. A large pillow fight was planned and it was a ton of fun to see and photograph. I took some swats to the head with fluffy pillows and picked up an abandoned pillow to do some defensive whacking. 

Another hidden gem in plain sight is the High Line, the former elevated train track that has been converted into a public park. You can walk through tall buildings while in a grassy park with lots of trees and plants. It is a beautiful place that makes for some wonderful pictures.

We also visited Brooklyn which is a great place to be as the sun goes down and afterward. Seeing the lights of the city come on is always thrilling. 

Sunday we went to Central Park, where is always wonderful things and people to shoot. We ended the weekend at Grand Central Terminal, a marvelous architectural spectacle. Inside is pretty dark and you really need to use a tripod, which requires a permit. They only allow 10 people with tripods at a time, so I had done the paperwork well in advance to get our permits.

See the great photos made by participants

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