An evening in a sculpture park


If I wasn’t a photographer I might be a sculptor. I wouldn’t be carving things out of rock, although that would be fun too. I met a guy in Iceland who I visit every summer who does some great stone carving but it is tough work. I’d be the kind of sculptor who makes big things out of scrap metal. I think that would be a lot of fun and pretty satisfying to see a big something come from nothing. Last night I went with some friends to a cool sculpture park, Lemon Fair, near Middlebury, VT. It is basically a big field, near nothing, with lots of sculptures like the ones I would make. And some of them are mighty big. 

When photographing other art I like to add something to the picture to make it more than just a snapshot of what is sitting there. So I went at night to capture the stars behind the art. Since I was out in a dark field, I used a flashlight to illuminate the objects. It created some fun pictures as the Milky Way rose through the sky.

Click on a photo to see a larger version, then you can scroll through them by clicking on the arrows.

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