Another great Vermont Winter Workshop

There is something about getting out in the crisp, cold air and making photos in Vermont. This week was my annual Vermont Winter Wonderland Photography Workshop and it was a true wonderland. Last weekend over 18″ of snow fell on the area, which makes everything look great. 

I had ten photographers attending plus my pro friend Ron Lake. We made the most of the time, after a “classroom” session on winter photography we got right out shooting on Friday heading over to a fun farm scene. I was taking the group in my 12 passenger Sprinter van on some back roads to a special location I discovered when a major snow squall came through. Knowing it was a narrow hilly drive I made a quick decision to skip that location and after stopping at a quaint scene with an old hay rake we photographed a covered bridge in Woodstock after the sun went down. I use a flashlight to illuminate the bridge and people always have fun making pictures in the dark.

Saturday we were on the road before sunrise at a special overlook not too far from Woodstock. Then it was on to breakfast and photographing people ice fishing, it is exciting to see people walk on a lake for the first time. It was cold out but there wasn’t much wind, which makes a big difference. We traveled up to another covered bridge where there are great shots of the river flowing under it. Thursday’s heavy rain washed away the usual ice and piled it up where I usually have photographers shoot the bridge. There was no getting there this time. There were still plenty of good pictures to make. We then headed over to a large waterfall that I knew would be running strong and looking icy in the cold temps. After darkness set in we were back at my house for pizza and getting to know each other better.

Today we started out again before sun rise and went to Jenne Farm, which some say is the most photographed farm in America. It looked great in the snow, there are lots of angles and the sky was beautiful. Some people had a long drive and headed home and the rest of us went to another covered bridge near a dam. The mist from the falling water had frozen on the bridge leaving a unique frost on the side. I hadn’t seen that before. Then it was on to some red barns as the snow started to fall. It was a great place to end the workshop.

Below are some of my photos, you can see images made by the participants at https://lorenphotos.com/vermont-winter-workshop-photos/.

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