Art on the streets of New York City

Today was a fun workshop that I ran for the first time. It was all about photographing street art, people and murals in New York City. The big city has an amazing amount of street art and there are locations where it is heavily concentrated. We started in Queens in a quiet neighborhood where most walls in a four block area have murals painted on them. They are kept fresh, many were done this year. It is a cool way to brighten a neighborhood.

Then we went to the Lower East Side of Manhattan where the art is a little more spread out. The talent is stunning, especially when you think about the artists using mostly spray paint on a rough surface. There’s an alley that is filled with art, graffiti and political and social statements. It has been a street artist haven for a long time.

The group of photographers who went with me had a great time and made some wonderful images. You can see their pictures at https://lorenphotos.com/nyc-street-art-photos/

Enjoy my photos below.

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