Breaking balloons and high speed photography

Today was a fun workshop, it was based around high speed photography. What that means is basically making images of things that happen very fast and stopping the motion. It creates pictures of things we can’t see with our eyes and it can very cool. One of my favorites today was a shot of a balloon bursting when being hit by a dart. I had put glitter inside the balloon so it scattered when the balloon popped. It is a weird looking image, you can see the skin of the balloon’s front peeling back, glitter in the air and the back of the balloon still mostly intact.

We also photographed strawberries splashing into cream and colored water sloshing from glasses that I had glued to a skateboard. 

I made quite the mess with all the splashing colored water and cream but the worst is the glitter. I’m not a big fan of the stuff, it always sticks to everything and now I have it shining all over my office. I’m sure I’ll be cleaning it for quite a while.

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