Cape May looking good on a bright spring day

I decided to spend the day in Cape May, which is my favorite place in New Jersey. Hurricane Sandy destroyed most the of the New Jersey shore last fall but spared Cape May. It looks like some of the main beach is missing but none of the structures, including the boardwalk, were seriously damaged.

Cape May has been a tourist destination for decades. The small town is at the southern tip of N.J. where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Delaware Bay, and is known for the large number of Victorian houses. There are so many the entire town is on the National Historic Register.

The houses make for fun shooting, I walked around and concentrated on the gingerbread trim, fancy gables and great architecture. The houses are known as the “painted ladies” of the town because of all the great colors that are used on the houses.

Cape May is famous in the birding world because it is a stopping point on the Eastern Flyway. In May, thousands of horseshoe crabs come ashore in the Delaware Bay to lay eggs and thousands of birds stop while migrating north to gorge on the eggs before finishing their migration. It is an amazing sight. Today it was too early for many bird shots, but birds are only one of the attractions of Cape May. I did have a great experience with a swan and goose near the lighthouse. Read more about it.

Walking around got me excited for the photo workshop I’m leading in Cape May on May 16-19. There is so much variety that we will all end up with new photos in our portfolio.

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