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11 Mar 2014

Shooting into the night

I have my Night Photography Workshop Friday and today was a nice, warm day so I got out and did some night photos around Somerville. It is fun just to walk around and try different kinds of shots and see what happens. I did some light painting on a fountain during the blue hour and it came out pretty cool. It involved shooting a 30-second exposure and using my flashlight to “paint” the back side of the fountain. The sky took on a beautiful blue cast and the whole scene looked magical.

When I was done light painting, I saw two guys in a third floor office across the street. The sky was looking good behind them, so I got out my telephoto and made some fun shots.

I went past a restaurant and the owner was standing outside enjoying the warm air. I had done a story on him, so I stopped to say hi. I made a picture of him and used a little light painting to bring his face out of the shadows.

I did some other long exposure techniques, getting traffic and people walking the sidewalk, it was a fun evening for a stroll, hopefully the warm weather is here to stay.

02 Dec 2013

Preparing your photo for an exhibit

I’m getting inquiries about how to prepare for the upcoming Somerset Photography Meetup group exhibit at the Adult Day Center of Somerset County.

There are a few things to think about before making your print: print size, matting and framing.

First, are you cheap and want to do the matting and framing yourself or pay someone else to do it? I’m cheap and do it myself, it isn’t that hard if you stick to standard sizes.

How big do you want your print. For me, bigger is better, as long as the quality holds up. For shows, it should be at least 11X14. Depending on file size, you’ll start losing quality if you get bigger than 16X20, so I suggest something in that range.


15 Oct 2013

Apps I use for my photography

During my Vermont Fall Foliage Photography Workshop, I was talking about some the apps I use on my iPhone that help me with my photography. For me, knowing where and when the sun is going to rise or set is invaluable. I use a program on the computer and iPhone app The Photographer’s Ephemeris to help me (http://photoephemeris.com/). It shows you where and how the light will fall on scenes, when the sun or moon will appear over a hill, shows shadow lengths to scale on the map and doesn’t require a network connection when you are in the field and want the sun/moon position or rise/set times.

When feeling like I need exact depth of field calculations, I use DOFMaster  (http://www.dofmaster.com/). On the computer or the mobile app, you put in your camera, f/stop, lens and subject distance and it will calculate the exact amount of depth of field. If you change any settings, it will quickly show you the DOF change. It is a bit geeky, but powerful. (more…)

13 Oct 2013

Trying not to be an iPhone hater

pinnacle_panorama620I took the Vermont Fall Foliage Workshop participants to the top of a private property that has a great view from “The Pinnacle.” It is always hard for me to make good photos of a vast overlook, so I thought I’d try something different. I pulled out my iPhone and used the auto panorama feature of the camera. I can’t decide if I should be happy that my phone takes pictures that I can’t with my expensive camera or I should be happy that it can easily be done. I do like the photo though.

12 Oct 2013

I have a thing for faces lately

20131012-LEF_2683I don’t know, there is something about cool faces that attracts me lately. While we were out today on the Vermont Fall Foliage Photography Workshop, we stopped in the little village of Felchville for a break. Two guys were leaning on the back of a pickup truck in front of the post office/town hall. I loved the big white beard of one guy, so after making photos of both of them, I focused in on the beard. The man runs a saw mill up the road and had great eyes to go with the beard.

08 Oct 2013

Scouting for leaves in southern Vermont

barn_birch-2318I have my annual Vermont Fall Foliage Photography Workshop this weekend in Woodstock, VT. The workshop is sold out with people coming from CA, NE, KS, CO, NC, NJ and NH. We had wicked rain and wind yesterday which beat the leaves pretty bad, so I decided to head south today and see how the leaves look.

The foliage around Woodstock peaked last week but there is still good yellow and orange leaves hanging on. The deep reds didn’t appear this year, I think it was the lack of a killer frost, that is what usually makes the reds pop.

I found this nice scene on a back road south of Springfield. I like when I can get the white of a birch intermingled with colorful leaves.

19 May 2013

Lots of crabs at Cape May photo workshop

This weekend was my workshop in Cape May. The weather started off great but turned cold and rainy by Saturday night. The group didn’t seem to care as we were out making photos in the rain of the lighthouse after sunset during the blue hour. I always like being out in the rain and shooting and the beacon from the lighthouse looked cool blasting through the rain.

Cape May is famous for birds and Victorian architecture. The shorebirds are late arriving this year, they flock to the Delaware Bay as horse shoe crabs come ashore in May to lay millions of eggs. The crabs were a little late this year too, but they were still there in big numbers. They are an amazing thing to watch and photograph.

It was a great workshop and everybody made some great photos.

20 Jul 2012

Vermont fall foliage photography workshop Oct. 5-8

Seeing the fall foliage spectacle in Vermont is special and photographing it is even more exciting. So I have created a fall foliage photography workshop over the Columbus Day Weekend, Oct. 5-8, 2012, at my home in Woodstock, Vt.

The workshop will be a classic Vermont experience designed to improve your photography skills while photographing the beauty of Autumn in New England. You will have the opportunity to visit and photograph beautiful farms, a classic Vermont village and a private 600 acre homestead with ponds, flora and an amazing mountain-top view. We will photograph covered bridges, breathtaking scenery and enjoy a true small-town community pancake breakfast.

Fellow professional photographer Vickie Lewis will help me lead the workshop and we will share our thought process, how we plan a shot and how we edit. The schedule will be flexible so we will shoot in the best locations at the right times. Two to three hours each day will be spent in the classroom.

I am limiting the number of participants to 15 so each gets plenty of one-on-one instruction.

I hope you can join us.

Get more information about the Vermont photography workshop.