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02 Jun 2010

What’s good: One last day in Vermont

Today was my last day in Vermont on this trip – back to the reality of work. Overnight rain turned to morning fog, which created a nice mood for a shot of the phlox along the Ottauquechee River in Quechee. I don’t know if the wild flower was more prevalent this year or I really hadn’t noticed it before, but it is everywhere, at least near water. The little flowers are either white or purple and they’re beautiful. A couple […]

01 Jun 2010

What’s good: Being old and rusty

There’s an old Chevy pickup truck that I drive past in Woodstock, so I stopped to take a look. It is about as rusty and worn as anything I’ve seen still standing. The windows are broken, the seats are rotted, but it looks cool. It sure won’t be rolling down the road again.

31 May 2010

What’s good: Flies on the eye of the frog

I went back to the big pond on the property I visited yesterday. It was the perfect day and place, the air was warm but not too hot, the scenery was beautiful and the only sounds were frogs, birds and wind. It is a place of total relaxation, I’ll be spending a lot of time there.

30 May 2010

What’s good: Viewing the pond

During our morning hike, Ducky took me to a small pond where the sun was just hitting the trees. What a beautiful place.

29 May 2010

What’s good: Ferns on a cloudy day

I was hoping for a sunny day so I could photograph the beauty of Vermont in morning light. I saw a little bit of sun but the clouds took over and created a soft light. I found a large patch of ferns, so I put the soft light to work with them. I like to photograph ferns, and they look better, or at least more natural, when there isn’t strong sunlight hitting them. Harsh shadows and ferns don’t work for […]

24 May 2010

What’s good: Being home

After being away all weekend, it is good to be home and get some rest. I’m still worn out from the long bike ride. There are a couple times a year when I look at our garage in the back yard and the sun is sweeping across the end.

19 May 2010

What’s good: Looking close in the yard

After I got home from work, I thought I would walk down to a nearby park and see what was there. It was another rainy, gray day and I needed to find something good to lift my mood. I threw my tripod over my shoulder and headed toward the gate. Like I’ve said before, our yard isn’t an arboretum. There’s really only about four flowers growing in the yard and the dogs think plants are for stomping. At the side […]

17 May 2010

What’s good: The neighbor’s flowers

We don’t spend much time working in the yard, and it shows. Every couple of years we get out there and play around, so we don’t have much growing that is pretty. Fortunately, our neighbor does. Peeking through the fence is a pretty clematis, a lovely flower that climbs up and around the fence.

12 May 2010

What’s good: Raindrops on an iris

I woke up and it was rainy. Went to work, rain. Watched out my office window all day as the rain fell. The sky was solid gray all day. People were grumpy all day. I left work and it was misting, hey better than rain. So what better day to shoot some flowers in the back yard? Our yard isn’t exactly ready for a magazine, OK I had about three different things to choose from, so I went to the […]

05 May 2010

What’s good: How much is that bunny in the window?

OK, I was scrambling to get a picture today. I didn’t make any pictures during the day so I headed to downtown Somerville in the dark of night to see what I could find. I saw a nice display in a store window and when I walked around to the side there was a fun reflection.

27 Apr 2010

What’s good: More blossoms

I liked the blossoms I saw on a car yesterday and this morning as I was driving to work, I saw these blossoms fallen around pretty flowers. I got out the trusty point-and-shoot and took a few shots. I thought there was a better picture, so I got out the real camera with a 100mm macro lens and shot a bunch of photos. Tonight, I’m not real happy with either of the shots, I should have tried a wide-angle lens […]

25 Apr 2010

What’s good: The wet nose of friendly hound

I had another day in the photo studio at The Hungry Hound. Today I photographed Domino, a black and white Cocker Spaniel. Most Spaniels are nuts, rather hyper and Domino wasn’t much different. I always give dogs time to acclimate to the studio, do their sniffing and calm down enough to After shooting for 20 he finally calmed down enough that I could get in close and tight with my macro lens.

24 Apr 2010

What’s good: Finding pretty weeds mixed in the grass

My yard isn’t going to be on any commercials for being pretty and clean. That’s fine by me, I have better things to do than make sure there is only grass growing in the yard. In fact, my yard has been pretty much taken over by weeds. Someone once told me weeds are just plants that are growing where you don’t want them. The back yard is pretty much covered with this little broad-leafed stuff that is rather viney. I […]

20 Apr 2010

What’s good: A mid-day bicycle ride

It was another beautiful spring day and I was able to get in a mid-day bicycle ride. I did about 25 miles, trying to get rid of the winter fat in time for a two-day MS fundraising ride along the NJ coast in May. In cycling, there is an official term for someone over 200 pounds: a Clydesdale. Well, you can call me Clyde and Dale, because I’m both, although I refuse to get on the scale and see how […]

19 Apr 2010

What’s good: Seeing more red on a sunny day

It was a beautiful day today, cool, clear and sunny. I took a little drive after work out along the route where I do my normal bicycle ride. There are a couple of barns that look cool, so I went to see how the barns look in the low afternoon light. The sun was pretty low and light shadows were mixing with the sunlight hitting the end of the red barn. One small window is all that disturbed the red. […]