Day two of Vermont Fall Foliage Workshop

ChittendenWe did a ton of driving yesterday seeking the best color in the leaves. We found some good spots up north, but today I kept us closer to home so we could shoot more and drive less. We started the day at Chittenden Reservoir, which always looks good. There are usually several other photographers there but we had the place to ourselves this morning. For a good while there was no wind and people made some great reflection shots in the water.

foliageWorkshopper2015After grabbing breakfast at a nice, new little restaurant in Brandon, we were crossing the mountains and came upon a large hillside full of color. One little tree was in a field and it was bright red. The farm had a little store to sell maple syrup, so I knew there wouldn’t be a problem if we pulled off the road and made some shots. As I was getting out of the car, some people were coming out of the house so I let them know why two carloads of photographers were moving down the roadside. I told them about the international group that we have and they loved that we appreciated the beauty they enjoy daily and said we were welcome to wander the field and shoot whatever we like.

It is always great to run into people like that.

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